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Examining Migration Dynamics : Networks and Beyond (24-26 septembre 2013)

lundi 17 juin 2013

La conférence THEMIS (Theorizing the Evolution of European Migration Systems) se tiendra à Oxford (UK).

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"Why do some migrants set off the movement of thousands of people, while others are followed only by a few, or remain virtually alone in the destination country ? Some answers can be found in the variation in economic and social conditions in different places. Another vital part of the puzzle relates to the historical, social and cultural practices of migration : those who move now are following in the footsteps of those who left before. This conference examines how enduring patterns of migration emerge, are sustained and decline ; the mechanisms by which the migration processes of yesterday influence those of today ; and the
role of the migrant as a social actor in the face of these historical and social processes."

Voir en ligne : http://www.popdevactu.fr/article.ph...

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