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Family and migration (17-19 juillet 2013)

lundi 19 novembre 2012

Séminaire organisé à Vilnius (Lituanie) par the Committee on family research de l’International sociological association

Appel à communications jusqu’au 1er décembre 2012

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"Identification of an individual and family with a fixed locality and nation state is not evident any more. Multi-local identities bridge the space and are analyzed at the level of individuals, ethnic communities, family lives and lifestyles. Families are no more seen as given facts, rather as imagined communities, displaying and doing family lives in a globalized space.

Families were always affected by migration however contemporary globalized world creates new modes of sociological analysis of families and migration. New concepts came up to emphasize the extended networks and boundaries of newly emerging family variations and seek to define their lived realities. These concepts reveal the opportunities for families as well as mark the new sources of social stigma."

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