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International Seminar on Global Perspectives on Marriage and International Migration (20-21 octobre 2011)

vendredi 20 mai 2011

Séminaire international organisé à Séoul (Corée du Sud) par Statistics Korea et the IUSSP Panel on the Process and Dynamics of Cross-Border Marriage.

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

« Phenomena associated with globalization, such as the democratization of international travel and the development of communication technologies, have facilitated a dramatic increase in marriages between individuals of different nationalities and origins. Skewed sex ratios among the unmarried population, or sections of the unmarried population, in certain countries may also have contributed to the trend. Referred to as ‘international marriages’ or ‘cross-border marriages’, these unions often involve the international migration of one spouse to the country of residence of the other. The recent increase in the number of international marriages worldwide reconfigures conjugal relationships, families, and communities in various ways and creates new challenges for governments and societies. Diverse forms of transnational families and intimacies are also associated with this phenomenon. This seminar will be the first to approach the issue of international marriage-migration from a global perspective and to compare trends, causes, and implications for different regions and countries of the world. The issue is a cross-cutting theme of demographic and social studies on families, marriages, gender, and international migration. »

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