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Mobility as the new paradigmatic perspective in the social sciences ? (28-29 août 2012)

mardi 10 avril 2012

La 9e conférence annuelle IMISCOE de l’Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) se tiendra à Amsterdam.

Appel à communication jusqu’au 15 avril 2012

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

« Mobility seems to have become the new paradigm for social sciences. Not only for scholars working on immigration, but social sciences in general indicate a tendency to explain social phenomena by referring to different forms of mobility. The aim of conference is to foster a dialogue across academic disciplines on the implications for social scientific investigations - in terms of research design and data analysis - when the overall framework is shifting from the sedentary to the mobile. A few decades ago sedentary was the norm for social scientists ; individuals and groups living in stable and static contexts, mobility, in the form of immigration flows was the exception ; the phenomenon to explain. Nowadays it seems the other way around. Social scientists perceive the world as constantly moving, dynamic, and changing in a global era. Now sedentary is the exception that needs to be explained. One of the questions for this conference is : is this a useful perspective for social sciences ? Is it indeed the case that sedentary static groups in society are an exception or not ? Is this indeed a recent phenomenon or can we find similar examples in history ? And if our modern society is best characterized by hyper-mobility what are the effects of that and how should we study it ? An important topic for the conference will therefore be which types of theories and concepts are analytically effective in studying Mobility ? »

Thèmes traités :
- Restrictive immigration policies beyond the radar : limits of control in the age of mobility
- The Effects of Mobility for Amsterdam
- Migration, Transnationalism and Development in the Balkans and South-East Europe
- Who wants to go to Europe ?

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