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The attractiveness of small and medium towns (5-7 décembre 2012)

vendredi 9 mars 2012

Conférence internationale organisée à Cracovie (Pologne) par l’Université pédagogique de Cracovie et l’Université Blaise Pascal

Appel à contribution jusqu’au 31 mai 2012

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"The aim of the conference is to present researches dealing with the issue of attractiveness of small and medium-sized towns, by scholars and stakeholders from various backgrounds (geographers, historians, economists, sociologists, spatial planners, etc.). [...]

Analysis conducted by spatial planners, economists, geographers or historians will propose a global approach of changes in small and medium towns and understand what kind of relationships they have with their surrounding territories, being rural or urban. The conference should give the possibility for exchanging the experience on research on small and medium towns taking place in different regions of the world. Both theoretical and empirical papers on examples and case studies from around the world are welcomed.

Gateway Themes

- Definition of attractiveness : multidisciplinary, comparative and diachronic approaches
- Issues of quality of life and residential attractiveness
- Functional changes : innovation and competitiveness
- Public policies : to support and promote the attractiveness of territories."

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