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VIII Migration Summer School : Social Movements, Systemic Change and Migration (25 juin-6 juillet 2012)

vendredi 13 avril 2012

L’école d’été est organisée à Florence par l’Union européenne à travers the CARIM-East project, par the Migration Policy Centre et par the Erste Foundation

Date limite de candidature : 15 April 2012

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"International migration has become an all-important issue for the world as a whole, and for the European Union and its neighbourhood in particular. The history has shown that migration is not only an important force driven by and driving economic phenomena, it is also a pivotal element of social change. But what is the relation between migration and social movements that bring about the systemic change ?

Participants in the VIII Migration Summer School on Social Movements, Systemic Change and Migration will explore the answers to this question. Through this lens we will analyse the interactions of the regions of origin and the regions of destination ; migration policies and the regulation of migration ; and processes of integration.

Teaching will be accompanied by research work and practical debate. Participants will be encouraged to translate perceived societal problems into social scientific research questions, and to contribute to the solution of these problems by combining insights from demographic, economic, legal and sociological approaches.

The School will accept up to 30 participants, each of whom must meet the following requirements :
- hold a relevant Masters degree ;
- have a strong professional and/or research background in international migration ;
- have an excellent working knowledge (speaking and writing) of English ;
- be able to attend the entire teaching aspect of the programme.

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as well as civil servants and professionals from intergovernmental and governmental agencies working in migration-related areas are encouraged to apply, especially those coming from the countries covered by the MPC and its projects."

Voir en ligne : http://www.popdevactu.fr/article.ph...

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