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Census and demographic survey data archives

The entries below list the archive centres available to researchers where they can find specific surveys.

IPUMS International
The Minnesota Population Center runs an international programme of census data conservation and dissemination accessible to researchers, subject to certain conditions, for complementary or comparative analysis. Ten or so countries have now made available sets of census files. It is also possible to consult numerous questionnaires from censuses or demographic surveys from all parts of the world.

African Integrated Census Microdata

Thanks to the support of the National Statistical Offices (NSOs) from African countries, the African Integrated Census Microdata (AICMD) portal of the African Centre for Statistics is being developed in collaboration with the Minnesota Population Center (MPC). The database contains anonymized microdata samples encompassing 19 censuses and totaling more than 27 million person records (June 2010). The integration and full documentation of the data are organized by the MPC, in parallel with similar activities covering other parts of the world with funding by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health of the United States.

African Census Analysis Project
ACAP archives African census files.

Réseau Quetelet
The network stores and disseminates notably the surveys of INED and of the Maurice Halbwachs Centre (formerly LASMAS).

Council of European Data Science Archive (CESSDA)
The surveys are mainly European but consultation of the catalogues by country is interesting. There are links to other archive centres.

Bureau for Research in Economic Development (BREAD)
Contains links with commentaries to numerous surveys and censuses of Southern Hemisphere countries.

Institute for Social Science Research (UCLA)

Searching by country gives access to interesting surveys.

Population Studies Center (University of Michigan)
The archive centre contains surveys and censuses which can be found with the help of the catalogue by writing the name of the country (in English) in the ‘title’ field but access to the data is not always possible.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
This consortium conserves and provides access to numerous socio-economic surveys or demographic censuses which are not necessarily American and which can be accessed by theme. The Data Sharing for Demographic Research Project is dedicated to demographic research and contains in particular surveys of South Africa, The Philippines, China, Indonesia and Latin America.

Capetown University (South Africa), DataFirst


International Household Survey Network / Réseau international des enquêtes auprès des ménages (IHSN)