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IREDA database

Welcome on the IREDA remote access database !

You will find in this database, for each African country, the list of its national demographic data collection operations (censuses and surveys), their description and their related documents, whatever their sources (Statistical Institutes, research organisms or others).

At first, the National Democratic Republic of Congo and Niger were selected in order to draw an outline of IREDA’s abilities to the Statistical Institutes and to all users in need of data or results. IREDA gives access to all known informations and to locate all necessary documents for your work! You can search the database using four different ways:

- via a direct access to the listed operations (1st tab)
- by executing a research on operations (2nd tab)
- by looking directly for a document (3rd tab)
- by consulting the general bibliographies (categorized by countries) (4th tab)

For each operation, there is at your disposal: a summary of the collection characteristics (1st tab: “detail”), of the whole resources (related to this operation), coming from the NSI or research, sorted out by type (2nd tab: “resources”).

The OAI-Archive is on line.

In addition, you can consult the more general bibliography about tools, methods, concepts and results of the censuses and surveys by going on the homepage of the IREDA website, in the section “links and resources”.

Whenever you choose, you can return on this page by clicking on the rubric “Censuses and surveys”

Access to the IREDA database

Have a nice visit !