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Legal notice - Ceped

Legal notice

This page is also available in français Español

Editorial information and contact

Centre Population & Développement (CEPED)
UMR 196 Paris Descartes INED IRD
19, rue Jacob
75006 Paris, France

Email : contact at ceped.org

Webdesign: erational

Webmaster : Joseph LARMARANGE

Treatment of personal data

Law on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties:

All information which concerns you is reserved for internal use. According to the law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, we are committed to respect the dispositions of the law (article 27). As a result you have the right to limit (art. 26) access (art. 34 - 38), correct (art. 36) and delete any data which concerns you. You can take advantage of this right by using the form below.

For more informations, visit the CNIL (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) website.


For all suggestion, information, réaction :

Send a message


Photos of banner come from the IRD Indigo image database. All rights reserved.base Indigo de l’IRD

Authors of photos :

  • Barrière Olivier
  • Bernus Edmond
  • Brachet Julien
  • Cazamajor d’Artois Philippe
  • Deliry Antheaume Elisabeth
  • Emperaire Laure
  • Evrard Olivier
  • Favier Marie-Noëlle
  • Fromaget Michel
  • Henaff, Nolwen
  • Luce Arnaud
  • Moizo Bernard
  • Osès Bernard
  • Paris Yves
  • Perouse de Montclos Marc Antoine


This site use a CMS. It is developed and works with SPIP, version4.1.5.
It use these plugins:

56 plugins are enabled.

Restricted Access
Each area contains sections. Authors can be associated with these areas to gain access to them. All SPIP’s loops are loaded with the necessary tools to filter the results according to the visitors’ access priviliges.
Used in 1364 Web sites
Utiliser Adminer sur la base SPIP
by Jakub Vrana ( https://www.vrana.cz ), mis en plugin par Fil
Used in 262 Web sites
Bibliographie HCERES (anciennement AERES)
Ce plugin fournit une interface pour faciliter la réalisation d’une bibliographie au format HCERES (anciennement AERES). Les auteurs peuvent indiquer en ligne des corrections à effectuer ou bien indiquer des références à (...)
Events agenda
Used in 1477 Web sites
À propos des Plugins actifs
Lists the active plugins and displays a brief description of them. It is used to display a page of type “about the site” with a summary of actives plugins. You can use the new balise #APROPOS into your templates. This balise has many parameters: - if you write: (...)
Used in 14 Web sites
Home article
This plugin allows you to assign an article as home of a section. Field “id_article_accueil” can then be used by the skeletons.
Used in 128 Web sites
Biblio Check
Ce plugin fournit une interface pour indiquer en ligne des corrections à effectuer ou des références à ajouter à une base de données bibliographiques gérée avec ZotSpip. Biblio Check se configure sur la page de configuration de (...)
Mini Calendar
#CALENDRIER_MINI displays a calendar designed as dotclear’s one and therefore compatible with the styles from this blog system. Other tools are added, such as tags, criteria, models...
by James
Used in 1385 Web sites
Centre image
Permet de calculer automatiquement un centre d’intérêt d’une image ou de l’indiquer manuellement.
by ARNO*
Used in 448 Web sites
Plugin pour configurer les options du site CEPED et ses dépendantes et surcharges
Extra fields
Provides a simple API to create new fields on the editorial objects. It is the base for other plugins including “Extras Fields Interface” which provides a graphical interface to manage these new fields.
by Matthieu Marcillaud, Fil
Used in 1306 Web sites
Coche Mots
Ajoute une icône au formulaire d’ajout de mots-clés affichant une liste de cases à cocher de tous les mots-clés d’un groupe.
Used in 48 Web sites
Advanced Contact Form
This plugin allows you to compose a contact form (name, address, phone number,...) and to choose the recipient list to receive collected informations by email.
by Pierre Fiches, RastaPopoulos, Superyms (traduction)
Used in 628 Web sites
Recycle bin
This plugin allows you to deviate from the standard SPIP behaviour to automatically delete certain objects from the database (articles, news... to the trash), with a delay of one or two days. With this plugin none of the objects is deleted automatically. The basket keeps (...)
Used in 1082 Web sites
Allows to redirect certain sections to a specific article. You can configure in the private area, the redirection rules to apply.
Used in 183 Web sites
Quick editing from the public pages of the site.
by Fil, toggg
Used in 1607 Web sites
Modèle PDF (visualiseur)
Ce plugin contient un modèle servant à afficher un PDF dans un article avec <embNNN|center>
Used in 96 Web sites
Postman delivers emails in HTML, text or mixed format; via SMTP or not
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 2045 Web sites
Génération automatique, à partir de votre logo de site SPIP, de favicon et touch icon pour les différents navigateurs et terminaux.
Used in 211 Web sites
This plugin allows on one hand to use the FULLTEXT search mode of MySQL and thereby greatly improve the search engine compared to the native search engine of SPIP, and on the other hand to index the contents of some documents. For an optimum use, you need to install (...)
by Fil, Gael Chareyre
Used in 513 Web sites
This plugin allows you to create location-based points that can be attached to SPIP objects to display them on maps in the pages of your site. They can use the tiles from different maps vendors through the Leaflet (...)
Used in 631 Web sites
Extra fields (Interface)
Adds in the private space a complete interface to manage additional fields on editorial objects.
by Matthieu Marcillaud, Fil
Used in 921 Web sites
Image responsive
Ce plugin propose de nouveaux filtres permettant de personnaliser finement et responsivement les images dans vos pages. Il n’aura d’intérêt donc que si vous modifiez vos squelettes pour l’utiliser selon vos besoins. Le filtre ‘image_responsive’ (et ses paramètres) permet à vos (...)
by ARNO*
Used in 210 Web sites
Insérer Modèles
This plugin supports the insertion of models in your text by means of forms. These forms are accessible in the right-hand column or using a button in porte-plume.
Used in 381 Web sites
This plugin verifies, in the background, if links in SPIP objects still point to a valid source.
by BRGM, Benjamin Grapeloux, Jacques Pyrat, Guillaume Wauquier, kent1
Used in 109 Web sites
MailCrypt 2
MailCrypt remplace les liens de courriels dans vos textes par un lien javascript afin d’éviter que des robots spammeurs ne collectent les emails affichés sur votre site. La modification est transparente sur un navigateur disposant de javascript. Lorsque javascript n’est pas (...)
Used in 341 Web sites
Modèles media
Les modèles <doc>, <img> et <emb> produisent chacun un résultat différent et ce résultat, pour les images, dépend du fait qu’elle soit dans le portfolio ou non. Ce plugin propose une nouvelle série de modèles ayant un comportement unifié et indépendant du mode des (...)
Used in 167 Web sites
When you are not using the plugin menus, you have to define all the menus in your templates, so that site administrators do not have direct hands on it and when they want to change something in it, they are forced to make a request to the person in charge of the templates. (...)
Used in 892 Web sites
Métas +
Improve the indexing of your articles in search engines and their display on social networks with Dublin Core, Open Graph and Twitter Card metadata.
Used in 310 Web sites
The minibando plugin replaces the administration buttons of SPIP by a toolbar that shows the items available in the top navigation of the SPIP private area.
by b_b
Used in 227 Web sites
Ce plugin permet de restreindre dans l’interface privée l’ajout des certains groupes de mots à certaines rubriques (et leurs enfants et objets). Ce qui peut faciliter la prise en main d’un site par des rédacteurs en affichant uniquement les groupes de mots utiles sur un espace (...)
Used in 55 Web sites
Stop spam! Filter spam in messages, without nuisance to honest users.
Used in 1884 Web sites
Sends mail notifications for certain actions : forums posts and answers notified to users, private messages notified to redactors or articles publication notified to their authors.
by fil@rezo.net
Used in 507 Web sites
Numérotation Rapide
Ce plugin permet d’un clic de numéroter/re-numéroter/dé-numéroter tous les articles ou sous-rubriques d’une rubrique.
Used in 228 Web sites
oEmbed client/provider for SPIP.
by b_b
Used in 702 Web sites
Collaborative editorial working tools
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 3903 Web sites
Typographe des guillemets, exposants, mois, majuscules. Remplacement automatique configurable.
Used in 321 Web sites
This plugin allows you to create pages of articles that are not linked to any particular hierarchy. However they may be associated with a name template. This allows the creation of pages of legal information, about, contact, (...)
Used in 685 Web sites
Quill everywhere
Quill everywhere enables the editing toolbar on other text fields (standfirst, description, ps)
by Pascal Méchin, Matthieu Marcillaud, Jacques Pyrat
Used in 462 Web sites
Changement de langue
Ajoute un bouton au porte-plume permettant d’indiquer un changement de langue dans le texte.
by Joseph
Used in 248 Web sites
Prism utilise les librairies javascript PrismJS et PrismLive de Lea Verou pour colorier les raccourcis typographique de SPIP dans tous les formulaires d’édition de contenus, facilitant ainsi la rédaction.
by marcimat, bricebou
Used in 20 Web sites
Flux RSS configurable
Configurer avec précision le fonctionnement de votre flux RSS à l’aide d’un formulaire dans l’espace privé.
Used in 58 Web sites
Entries for forms
This plugin makes it easier to write form fields by providing a #SAISIE tag. The generated HTML is compatible with the classification of forms proposed by SPIP.
Used in 3235 Web sites
Sélections éditoriales
Composez des listes de contenu, en leur donnant un titre, un ordre, et éventuellement une description et une image. Cela peut être utilisé pour gérer éditorialement une page d’accueil par exemple.
Used in 91 Web sites
Simples Logs
Once the plugin is enabled, administrators can look at all available logs on the site. A maintenance menu entry allows to access the consultation page.
by Luc Tech, Eric Lupinacci
Used in 143 Web sites
Sommaire automatique
Générer un sommaire automatique pour les articles.
Used in 141 Web sites
SPIP Bonux
The plugin with great gifts inside! Charts, counters, etc.
by Cedric Morin, Matthieu Marcillaud, romy.tetue.net
Used in 3104 Web sites
Squelettes par Rubrique
Support of suffixed templates by section number and/or by language code : (-23.html, =23.html, and .en.html)
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 3835 Web sites
SVP Statistiques
This plugin is an optional module of SVP. It allows you to acquire, update and return the usage statistics of SPIP plugins on the Internet. Those statistics come from the stats.spip.org Web site.
by Eric Lupinacci
Used in 182 Web sites
Bug reports
Bug reports is a bug tracking tool integrated into SPIP, both in the private and public area. It is designed to facilitate the development phase of the site, but it can also be used for bug tracking on an operational (...)
Used in 41 Web sites
Translations between sections
This plugin adds a system inspired by the translations of articles: it adds a field id_trad to the sections database table and then links the translations of the sections.
Used in 158 Web sites
Easy send micromessages with Twitter and it’s oAuth API. A Twitter widget easy to install Add an include to your templates to display a Twitter widget: #INCLUREfond=inclure/twidget_profile or #INCLUREfond=inclure/twidget_search The plugin acts as a proxy so that no request (...)
Used in 115 Web sites
Control API
Provides a unique function verifier($value, $type, $options,&amp;$valeur_normalisee) to test the validity of a value.
Used in 1938 Web sites
Check the compatibility of your plugins
Checks the compatibility of your plugins before upgrading to a major version of SPIP
Used in 278 Web sites
This plugin provides the functions for reading/writing YAML format: yaml_decode() and yaml_encode(). It also provides the yaml format for the (DATA) loop.
Used in 2212 Web sites
Sync Spip with a Zotero library of bibliographic references (user or group library). Use Zotero to manage / import / edit your bibliographic references and insert them in your Spip using the models provided by (...)
Used in 16 Web sites

20 locked plugins automaticly enabled.

SPIP help
This plug-in includes a contextual help in SPIP which is indicated by an icon. This help can be extended to other plug-ins.
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 2730 Web sites
Permet d’emballer ou déballer des archives de fichiers Zip, Tar, …
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 2731 Web sites
Big Upload
... wie der Name schon sagt ...
by Matthieu Marcillaud
Used in 733 Web sites
The companion provides assistance to users during their first visit to the backoffice of SPIP.
Used in 4266 Web sites
Compression of css and javascript in the header of the HTML pages of ecrire/ and/or of the public site
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4956 Web sites
Backup and restoration of the database in SQLite format
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4280 Web sites
SPIP’s forum (private and public)
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4307 Web sites
Images processing and colors filters
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4966 Web sites
By default, all links to pictures (with a type attribute describing the mime/type of the picture) and links with the CSS class .mediabox are enriched by multimedia box. You can configure each link on a case by case basis with additional classes: boxIframe enables to open (...)
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4338 Web sites
SPIP’s media management
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4434 Web sites
Keywords and keywords groups
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4282 Web sites
Site Map in the Private Space
This plugin improves the page “Site Map” of the private space by displaying a foldable structure and allowing to filter by article status.
by Matthieu Marcillaud
Used in 3320 Web sites
The Quill is a SPIP extensible toolbar which uses the MarkItUp javascript library.
by Matthieu Marcillaud
Used in 4976 Web sites
Tracking changes of editorial objects
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4280 Web sites
Forums protection against cross-site scripting attacks
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4963 Web sites
Sites and syndication in SPIP (private and public)
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4280 Web sites
Statistics of SPIP
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4240 Web sites
On one hand, this plugin provides an API to perform multi-criteria searches, to collect and present information on SPIP plugins (functional modules, themes, and skeletons) and on the other hand, proposes a new administration interface to manage the dependencies between (...)
by Eric Lupinacci, Collectif SPIP
Used in 4180 Web sites
TextWheel pour SPIP
Integrate TextWheel in SPIP
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4275 Web sites
Urls Etendues
Management of the URL variants, meaningful or not
by Collectif SPIP
Used in 4280 Web sites
For more informations about these plugins, go on the site: https://contrib.spip.net.
You can also go to the plugins Spip web site at: https://plugins.spip.net/.