Enfants victimes, enfants précaires et jeunesse « violente » en Afrique de l’Est

19 novembre 2012 21 novembre 2012
Enfants victimes, enfants précaires et jeunesse « violente » en Afrique de l’Est
Conférences / Colloques
@ Kampala Ouganda

Hotel International

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Child Victims, Vulnerable Children, ’Violent’ Youth in East Africa (Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda): Realities, Perceptions and Care

In recent years, children and youth have become increasingly vulnerable in different parts of Eastern Africa as a result of conflict and post-conflict situations, global and local health and socio-economic situations. The main aim of the conference is to present on-going research which dwells on childhood, adolescence and early adulthood and explores issues of vulnerability and violence and their perceptions. After decades of government and civil society
involvement around orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), often considered as victims, our knowledge remains fragmentary. Presentations will analyse current trends and changes in the situations of children and youth, study family systems of childcare, education and support, and explore relevant public policies and social action. Anthropological and historical approaches will bring out local variations and different temporalities in order to shift perspectives to
understand today’s social issues. Participants will be invited to share their work and experiences, open up new perspectives to contribute to a better understanding of these complex situations. Wider scientific exchanges are expected to stem from this meeting.

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