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Explorations of the future hospital in Africa - Fanny Chabrol

15 avril 2021
Explorations of the future hospital in Africa - Fanny Chabrol
Autres séminaires

Lien : Ataya HUMA Interdisciplinary Seminar Series

Speaker and presenter : Fanny Chabrol

Fanny Chabrol is a research fellow at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development Research (IRD) currently attached to the Center Population & Development (CEPED) in Paris, France. She holds a PhD in sociology. Her research mainly focuses on infectious diseases and access to healthcare in public hospitals in Africa, the politics of health reform and Africa-China health cooperation, including through the building of new hospitals. More broadly, she’s interested in the political economy of health, global health and health infrastructures in Africa and beyond, in the present and the future.


Much has been said about the state of public hospitals as crumbling health infrastructures in the continent, unable to deliver quality and affordable healthcare. There is a need for opening new paths and explorations in the study of hospitals by considering hospitals as truly multiple spaces that condense much more than the practice of medicine. Hospitals are diversely built, inhabited, maintained, worked in, transformed, destroyed, closed, imagined, experienced or judged by different people. Also, investigating new and planned hospitals as sites of speculation regarding medical futures and markets has proved intriguing. I have analysed the new referral hospital in Niamey (Niger), built and funded by China, as a geopolitical and social project set up to become a model not only in terms of medicine but also in terms of what kind of society is imagined and desired by some – ordered, militarised and highly organised. Seeing hospitals as sites where multiple forms of speculation occur opens up a vast field of ethnographic investigation beyond medical wards, in which it remains to be seen what the hospital of the future or the future hospital is or could be. This, of course, does not preclude that novel assemblages of care will take place within it.

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Thu, 15 Apr 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00 SAST GMT +2
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