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Jeudi 22 novembre 2012 16:00-18:00

Nigeria : the political economy of oil and ‘rebellion’ in the Niger Delta

Intervenante : Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou
Department of Politics and International Relations, Nuffield College, Oxford, UK

The escalation in armed attacks on Nigeria’s oil industry and the massive expansion in oil theft generated a veritable industry in the study of the political economy of war dominated by public-choice strands. Critical scholarship on the Niger Delta challenges this work for its neglect of history in explaining the shift from peaceful protest in the 1990s to armed struggle. Yet taking history seriously need not blind us to the ‘critical breaks’. Nigeria’s transition to civilian rule in 1999 brought state and non-state actors into a complicit union as rebellion and oil bunkering consolidated a pre-existing parallel economy.

* La conférence se tiendra en anglais

Coordinateurs :

  • Hosham Dawood (Ifpo)
  • Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos (CEPED-IRD)

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Lieu : CEPED,

Adresse :
19 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris
Métro ligne 4 : Saint Germain des Prés

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