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Sex selection: from Asia to Europe le 2 décembre

2 décembre 2011
Sex selection: from Asia to Europe le 2 décembre
Conférences / Colloques

19 rue Jacob 75006 PARIS

A one-day workshop organized by C.Z. Guilmoto and A. Guillaume, with Valentine Becquet

Contact: Christophe.guilmoto chez

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together for the first time participants from various European countries with experience on gender discrimination or sex selection among Asian diasporas or in the Western Balkans. Research on sex selection has remained so far isolated and mostly limited to specific communities or subregions and there is a growing for a more sustained documentation of the various dimensions of gender discrimination in Europe. One outcome of this workshop should be the preparation of a joint research note on the extent of sex selection in Europe, its social and cultural characteristics and the way ahead for future research and intervention.

Presentations are available online.