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Pénélope Larzillière (ed.) : « The Global Politics of Artistic Engagement Beyond the Arab Uprisings »


Are artistic engagements evolving, or attracting more attention ? The range of artistic protest actions shows how the globalisation of art is also the globalisation of art politics. Here, based on multi-site field research, we follow artists from the MENA countries, Latin America, and Africa along their committed transnational trajectories, whether these are voluntary or the result of exile. With this global and decentred approach, the different repertoires of engagement appear, in all their dimensions, including professional ones. In the face of political disillusionment, these aesthetic interventions take on new meanings, as artivists seek alternative modes of social transformation and production of shared values.


Alice Aterianus-Owanga, BOULAY Sébastien, Sarah Dornhof, Simon Dubois, Shyam Iskander, Sabrina Melenotte, Franck Mermier, AL RAMMAL Rayane, Kirsten Scheid, Pinar Selek, and Marion Slitine

  • Series : Youth in a Globalizing World, Volume : 19
  • Volume Editor : LARZILLIÈRE Pénélope
  • Copyright Year : 2023

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ISBN : 978-90-04-51845-2
Publication date : 13 Oct 2022
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