Axe 2 - Migration, pouvoir, développement

ERC Starting Grant 2016 « Cap Sahara » . Critical Approaches to Politics, Social Activism and Islamic Militancy the Western Saharan Region (2017-2022)

Axe de recherche : Axe 2 - Migration, Pouvoir, Développement

Responsables scientifiques

  • FREIRE Francisco, CRIA, Université de Lisbonne


Membres du Ceped participant au projet

Membres extérieurs au Ceped participant au projet :

  • Francisco Freire, Principal Investigator
  • Ewa K. Strzelecka, Research scholar
  • Enrique Bengochea Tirado, Research scholar
  • Maria Cardeira da Silva, Researcher
  • Alberto Lopez Bargados, Researcher, Université de Barcelone
  • Juan Carlos Gimeno, Researcher, Université autonome de Madrid
  • Yahya Ould al-Bara, Researcher, Université de Nouakchott



CAPSAHARA proposes an analysis of the reconfigurations established in the socio-political vocabulary of the western Saharan region from the “post-empire” to the contemporary period. The project should produce an analysis of the social and political structures shared in the region, of the local variations of those structures (based on case studies), their specific configurations based on social markers such as gender, age, and class ; in order to understand the recent articulation of the region’s social and political structures with broader and often exogenous political vocabularies. The project’s results should enable the different contexts under study to be integrated into the wider maps of current scientific research, providing, at the same time a dissemination of its outputs to an extended audience. The project is methodologically based on readings associated with different social sciences, with a particular focus on anthropology.


Islam, politics, social change.

Zones géographiques

Mauritanie, Sahara Occidental, Maroc.


2017- mi 2022


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