Appel à contribution sur les migrations en Afrique du NOMRA

Appel à contribution jusqu’au 29 avril 2011

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"NOMRA (Network of Migration Research on Africa) is out with a new framework to ensure that research results make a difference for the design and implementation of migration and development policies in Africa.

To this end, NOMRA is making a call for the contribution of country-focused research papers that can impact on migration management on the following themes :
- Emigration of skilled professionals : impact on training, research and development, service delivery and development at home,
- Feminisation of migration as a family survival strategy : changing gender roles, family solidarity and social policy measures,
- Migrants’ remittance flows and use : collaborative, longitudinal tracer studies on the impact of remittances at micro, meso and macro levels
- Skills audit of the Diaspora : number, location, current skill profile, qualification on arrival, job placement, training ; experience gained ; skills and technology transfer,
- Return and integration of returnees : retention and re-integration of nationals and to promote potential for country-of-origin development,
- Causes, dimensions and ramifications of xenophobia (genuine fears and perceptions of local populations, media and politicians ; migrants contribution to development),
- The dynamics of trafficking/human smuggling and irregular migration : trafficking routes, root causes, policy measures to track traffickers and protect victims ; collaborative research and information sharing between origin, transit and destination countries’ agencies,
- Diaspora and contribution to development of homeland."

Source : UEPA qui fournit les détails.