Appel à contributions de la revue METHOD(E)S : Weak Theory, Bad Data ? Heuristics Roles and Practical Limits of Concepts in Fieldwork

Appel à contribution de la revue METHOD(E)S African Review of Social Sciences Methodology/Revue africaine de méthodologie des sciences sociales jusqu’au 31 juillet 2011

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

« The often empiricist connotation associated with the concept of fieldwork and the research conducted in the field has led a number of researchers in the social sciences to minimize the role of theory. The use of concepts is thought to fall under the category of abstract speculation, to be limited to the preparatory or the final stage of research, or - during the actual research - to be incapable of integrating the brutal reality of facts. Through fieldwork, researchers often attempt to move beyond specific observations made in order to identify consistencies in social life. The objective of fieldwork is in fact to understand social logics at work and eventually to produce theoretical knowledge reflecting social forms. The history of the social sciences tells the story of multifarious efforts to deal with the constant relationship between theory and the empirical world and the epistemology of the social sciences, on the other hand, tries to understand the abiding difficulties in this interaction. Critics point out a certain abuse of theorization which is not always accompanied by a good mastery of concepts. »

Pour en savoir plus, source : GIERSA