Appel à contributions : The Family in Sub-Saharan Africa

Numéro spécial de la revue The Journal of Comparative Family Studies

Date limite de soumission : 31 mai 2013

Extrait de la présentation :

"The Journal of Comparative Family Studies is planning a special issue carrying original research articles on selected themes addressing the family in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, the literature on the African family has been scanty and this special issue hopes to fill this gap. The purpose of this issue is
to present valuable family research material as viewed from a range of regional and theoretical perspectives.

We seek papers that report on substantial research done in specific areas on the Sub-Saharan family
as indicated below. The Journal is interested in papers representing different countries, regions and
ethnic contexts.

Selected themes include :
* Family Dynamics and Processes * New Forms of the Family * Women and the Family * Children in the Family * Elders and the Family * Orphans in the Family * Relationships (motherfather-
child-kin) * Family Violence * Authority and Leadership in the Family * Effects of Migration on the Family * Family Law * Family Planning * Geographical, Regional, and Religious Forms * Separation, Divorce, Reunion * Family Support Systems * Conflicts and their Management * Family Courts."

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