CAS@50 :Cutting Edges and Retrospectives (6-8 juin 2012)

Conférence organisée à Edimbourg (Royaume Uni) par le Centre of African Studies pour son 50e anniversaire

Appel à communication jusqu’au 9 septembre 2011

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

« CAS@50 expects to use the anniversary not merely to look back upon the history of the Centre with a critical eye, but also to reflect on the trajectories of African Studies itself : to what extent is the terrain of academic enquiry from the early decades recognisable today, and might there be something to be said for looking afresh at some debates that have become obscured with the passage of time ? Also, in what respects can one talk of genuine breakthroughs in our understandings, and where do unresolved issues reside ? Other aspects of the conference look forward to emerging areas of research and address what might be considered cutting edge today, whether construed in terms of methodology or analytical perspective. Finally, the conference will tackle the contention that interdisciplinarity has been as much a problem for African Studies as its underlying source of strength. »

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