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Climate Change and Development at Crossroads - Sharing Lessons (3-7 juin 2013)

jeudi 7 février 2013

Conférence organisée à Accra (Ghana) par le RIPS (University of Ghana)

Appel à communications jusqu’au 4 mars 2013

Conference Objectives :

  1. To bring closer the eminent threat of global warming to the doorsteps of key but forgotten stakeholders in development such as civil society, industry and business, to interact with researchers, policymakers and politicians on and how to move forward.
  2. To share lessons of climate innovation with major stakeholders that demonstrates that scientific research if done well remains relevant to solving societal problems in the sub region.
  3. To contribute to bridging the research - policy - industry gaps on climate and knowledge mainstreaming into development and to encourage the participation of state and non-state actors such as private sector businesses.

Thèmes de l’appel à communication :

  1. Population and environment in developing countries
  2. Urbanisation and flood risk implications for coping in coastal zones
  3. Green growth and policy challenges in coastal zone management
  4. ICT, climate risk communication and public awareness framing
  5. Government sector policy experiences with climate change
  6. Civil society and NGO sector experience with climate change
  7. Industry and private business sector experience with climate change including finance
  8. International diplomacy, climate change and adaptation finance
  9. Gender, poverty and climate change mainstreaming
  10. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the context of climate change
  11. Agriculture, fisheries and food security in the context of climate change
  12. Sustainable energy and emissions reduction including REDD+
  13. Climate Change, water and sanitation, and health in developing countries
  14. Indigenous knowledge systems and climate change adaptation

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