Climate Change and Population Conference on Africa (1-4 juillet 2012)

Conférence organisée à Accra (Ghana) par l’University of Ghana, Legon-Accra

Appel à communication jusqu’au 24 février 2012

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"The theme of the conference, “At the Crossroads : Climate Change, Population and Africa’s Development” was chosen to highlight population growth as an important global change process which can destabilise economic, social and environmental sustainability hence sustainable development. With Africa’s population growth rate and total fertility rate exceeding 5% there will be additional burden on the natural environment through increased consumption and access to resources whilst enhancing carbon footprints on the continent. The high population also implies that the population at risk from climate change and variability will be high and making adaptation more costly even though there is a general lack of capacity to respond to climate uncertainty and complexity. The theme has further been broken down into fifteen sub-themes on which the conference discussions will be based as follows :

- Climate change, population displacement and migration
- Population, environmental change and developmen
- Climate modelling, downscaling and scenario creation
- Climate variability and change, vulnerability and food security
- Coastal systems, sea level rise, and livelihoods
- Climate variability, drought and water resources
- Climatic stress, biodiversity and agro-ecosystems
- International cooperation and politics of climate change
- Climate change, gender and poverty
- Mitigation, GHG emission reduction and carbon financing
- Bio-energy/fuel, land grabbing and food production
- Climate change, variability and human health
- Land use and land cover change
- Climate variability and natural resources governance
- Indigenous knowledge and climate adaptation

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