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Denaturalizing climate change : migration, mobilities and spaces (31 octobre-1er novembre 2013)

mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Atelier organisé par Artec/Research Centre for Sustainability Studies à Brême (Allemagne)

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"With this workshop, we want to revisit the climate change and m
igration nexus and bring at least two bodies of critical literatur
e into the conversation. On the one hand, the wide field of
critical mobility and postcolonial theory theorizes struggles on interpretational sovereignty and asks questions on new conflicts around resources and postcolonial id entities. We believe that these critical interventions, such as the transmigration perspective and the “autonomy of migration” ? concept (Mezzadra, 2011 ; Moulier Boutang, 2007 ; Tsianos, 2007) and postcolonial perspectives that deconstruct new forms of “othering” of potential climate migrants (Farbotko 2012) should play a crucial role in our attempts to understand the social transformation processes linked to climate change."

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