Diasporas and « race » (25-27 octobre 2012)

Conférence internationale organisée par the Wake Forest University, the Department for continuing education (Université d’Oxford), Migrinter (Cnrs, Université de Poitiers), et l’Université Paul-Valéry-Montpellier 3, à Wake Forest University (Caroline du Nord, Etats-Unis)

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"In the wake of the 2011 conference on “Diasporas and Cultures of Migration” that was held at Montpellier, University Paul Valéry, the convenors of this conference wish to extend and expand the reflection on the concept of diaspora, its uses, its limits, or even its outright rejection as a useful concept, by focusing on the links between diasporas and “race.”

Diasporas have always had to negotiate new articulations of ethnic/racial identities while individuals had to make do with contexts already defined by certain types of racial relations and the evolutions of racial transnational references. The emergence of new racisms and of new racialized identities reconfigures class hierarchies, which often results in violence against migrants.

Does the prism of diaspora allow for a clearer conceptualization of the concept of “race” as a socio-historical construction and a surface of projection that depends on context ? Does diasporic belonging constitute a response to racism and imposed ethno-racial identities ? How have populations appropriated it to foster local and global socialities and practices ?"

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