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ECAS 2013. 5th European Conference on African Studies African dynamics in a multipolar world

mercredi 19 décembre 2012

La conférence du réseau AEGIS - African studies in Europe, est organisée par le Centro de Estudos Africanos - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa à Lisbonne (Portugal).

Appels à communication jusqu’au 16 janvier 2013

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

« The 2010s have witnessed the consolidation of most African states and institutions. However, fifty years after the foundation of the Organization of African Unity in 1963, the international panorama and Africa’s position in it have changed considerably. The world’s geopolitical and economic configuration has evolved, with new actors appearing on an increasingly globalized scene. Under these conditions and given its own trajectory, the current challenges that Africa faces include the promotion of peace and security, human rights, democratic institutions and particularly the integration and socioeconomic development of Africans, as stated by the OUA’s successor, the African Union. ECAS 2013 will discuss three aspects of this new configuration and its effects on African societies : political challenges, economic and development changes and social creativity. The conference’s main focus will be the contemporary period, while taking into account the historical dimension of these issues. »

À signaler parmi les 172 différentes sessions programmées :
- P022 Urbanisation and poverty in mining Africa
- P023 Words, arts and migration in Africa : narrative exploration
- P037 Diasporas and national development in Africa
- P052 Designing African creative cities
- P055 Workers across Africa : global and transnational labour history and labour studies
- P058 Writing the world from another African metropolis : Luanda and the urban question
- P060 Cape Verdean diaspora : dialogues and contemporary relationships
- P062 New urban/rural linkages in a multi-polar Africa
- P063 When food is short : rural and urban household strategies sustaining livelihoods
- P075 The « silent revolution » ? : the feminization of the labour force and gender dynamics in Africa
- P085 Living in transnational families between Africa and Europe : the centrality of a gender approach
- P090 Migration and memory in/from Africa
- P094 Les relations intergénérationnelles en Afrique : au delà d’une génération sacrifiée
- P096 Promoting sustainable urbanization in Africa
- P115 Neglected tropical diseases and African development
- P116 Intergenerational relationships and inequalities in old age in Africa : contrasted views
- P123 Intergenerational relations amongst African migrants in Europe
- P128 African women’s commitment to internationalisation and transnational movements
- P137 African urban spaces
- P142 Housing suburbs in African cities : new urban paradigms
- P144 Innovations médicales et inégalités de santé : la santé sexuelle et reproductive à l’épreuve des faits
- P168 Intra-African migration of students in an area of internationalisation of higher education : responses of the youth to educational systems in crisis ?

Consulter les appels à communication spécifiques à chaque session sur le site de l’ECAS.

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