Internal migration and urbanization and their socioeconomic impacts in developing countries : challenges and policy responses (10-12 décembre 2011)

Conférence internationale organisée à Fuzhou (Chine) par l’IUSSP Scientific Panel on the Impact of Internal Migration and Urbanization in Developing Countries and Fujian Normal University

Appel à communications jusqu’au 1er juillet 2011

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"This seminar will be devoted to an examination of the complex and diverse consequences of internal migration and urbanization in developing countries, exploration of their causes, and deliberation on their theoretical and policy implications. While we invite all submissions relating to the general theme stated above, we particularly welcome case studies from countries or regions in different contextual settings. Potential themes that might usefully be addressed by papers include, but are not limited to, the following :

  1. The mix of different migration streams (rural-urban, urban-urban, rural-rural, urban-rural, and circulation) and other components of urbanization (natural increase and reclassification), and their socioeconomic impacts, especially their impacts on population redistribution and settlement patterns ;
  2. Socioeconomic impacts of various streams of internal migration on migrants and their families, and on both sending and receiving areas and their communities ;
  3. Planning and policy implications arising from the emergence and development of city regions, mega-urban regions, and in situ urbanization as the result of the blurred rural-urban distinction ;
  4. Context-based case studies on the relationships between economic development and internal migration and urbanization, and the roles of governments and their policies in this regard ;
  5. Spatial disparity issues that arise in the process of urbanization, including issues relating to rural-urban disparity, depopulation of rural areas, and integrated rural-urban development ;
  6. Social disparities and social disruption issues arising from the process of internal migration, including social protection of internal migrants, especially circular migrants and the floating population, and the social policy implications of their multi-local identities."

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