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Migration and Well-Being : Research Frontiers (8-10 janvier 2013)

mercredi 7 mars 2012

Conférence organisée à Tel-Aviv par the International Sociological Association et l’Université de Tel-Aviv

Appel à communications jusqu’au 15 mai 2012

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"While the social and economic integration of migrants as well as the determinants and consequences of migration flows still generate much interest among researchers and policy-makers alike, the present conference aims to draw attention to the broad issue of wellbeing associated with migration. This includes diverse topics such as the impact of xenophobia and exclusion on the wellbeing of immigrants ; facing ill health and poverty in host societies ; the wellbeing of children ; and the growing role of immigrants in care-providing industries. While priority will be given to presentations that address the main theme of the conference, other presentations will be considered as well.

The planned conference is also premised on the idea that in order for research to be meaningful in confronting societal challenges and affecting policy, stronger ties are needed between academia and practitioners in the field of migration. Hence, an effort will be made to involve activists from civil society organizations working in the field of migration as well as representatives from the relevant governmental agencies representatives, and together to present and discuss new research frontiers. [...]

The conference will address such issues as :
- Economic and psychological well-being of immigrants
- Social exclusion and xenophobia
- The contribution of immigrants to the well-being of the local population, particularly the aging
- The role of remittances in improving the welfare of immigrant families
- Well-being of asylum seekers and refugees
- Education and children of immigrants
- Migration policies and the well-being of immigrants."

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