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Researching families and relationships : innovations in methods, theory and policy relevance (10-12 juin 2013)

mardi 9 octobre 2012

Conférence organisée à Edimbourg (Royaume Uni) par le CRFR

Appel à communications jusqu’au 2 novembre 2012

Le Centre for Research on Families and Relationships est un consortium de recherche basé à The University of Edinburgh.

Extrait de l’appel à communications :

"The 4th international conference, hosted by CRFR, will explore ways in which research on and with children, families and relationships have been developed in new and innovate ways in recent years.

Themes could include :
- How have researchers met difficult theoretical, substantive or ethical challenges ?
- How have methods been taken forward in the digital age and in the context of unequal access to resources across the globe ?
- How have participatory, sensory and visual methods been developed ?
- What have we learned from new approaches to the challenges of time and the life course ?
- Where are the key innovations in understanding transnational families and relationships, international comparison and addressing minority (rich, high carbon footprint) and majority (poor, low carbon footprint) worlds ?
- How can we address issues of inequalities, especially where these intersect ?
- How are researchers analysing the part played by families and relationships in big ‘global’ issues such as climate change ?"

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