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The Art of Neighbouring : Old Crossroads and New Connections along the PRC’s Borders (1-2 mars 2012)

vendredi 16 septembre 2011

Colloque organisé à Singapour par Asia Research Institute de l’Université nationale de Singapour

Appel à communications jusqu’au 15 octobre 2011

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"What does China’s rise mean for its immediate neighbours ? This simple question is what this workshop hopes to address. Reflecting on the PRC’s rapid economic growth, its strategic decisions to foster trade, secure influence and access to natural resources, and its efforts to prevent unrest in the borderlands, this workshop explores the ways in which people’s lives and futures are affected by living along the PRC’s borders. [...]

- How do new dreams and aspirations about China provoke desires of migration ? How are migratory flows to and across national borders encouraged and facilitated ?
- How are new regulatory regimes implemented ? How do they redefine legality and illicitness, and how are these locally negotiated ?
- What are the economic, political and social impacts of Chinese investment, development aid and designated special zones ?
- How do newly arrived actors at the periphery engage with “native” borderlanders ?
- What are the roles of rekindled ties of friendship, kinship, common religion or ethnicity in forging efficacious networks that promote greater cross-border mobility ? How do remembering and forgetting, private and collective interpretations of “closure” and “opening up” as well as desire and anxiety shape borderland identities ?
- And finally, how do imagined borders and fictive ties animate the dynamics between the “mainland” and the “diaspora” ?"

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