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The ‘Diaspora Strategies’ of Migrant-Sending Countries : Migration-as-Development Reinvented ? (5-6 novembre 2012)

jeudi 12 avril 2012

Conférence organisée à Singapour par l’Asia Research Institute

Appel à communication jusqu’au 20 avril 2012

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"Our workshop will highlight ‘diaspora strategies’ trends in the Asia-Pacific region and, in particular, Southeast Asian countries. This approach opens up theoretical space for exploring and re-connecting the conceptual divide between so-called ‘developing’ countries (usually incorporated into the MAD discourse) and ‘developed’ countries (largely detached from the MAD discourse and framed as brain circulation instead). In addition, the regional focus will bring into view the distinctive logics and aspirations underpinning ‘diaspora strategies’ by member countries as well as draw out the commonalities shared with countries implementing similar policies in other regional contexts such as Africa, the Americas and Europe. Significantly, selected papers will focus specifically on discursive, legal and policy mechanisms aimed at engaging with diasporas, usually promoted at the state-level, while keeping in view its interactions with migrants, migrant associations and other groups.

In addition, participants are encouraged to consider one or more of the following questions in their paper presentations :

1. How are ‘diaspora strategies’ shaped, or not shaped, by the MAD discourse in specific country contexts and in the broader Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian regional contexts ? Why ?

2. In what ways are strategies to mobilize a national ‘diaspora’ complicated by proliferating emigrant mobilities that generate multiple affiliations, identities and belonging amongst citizens-in-migrancy ?

3. What are the methodologies appropriate for studying ‘diaspora strategies’ given the way such initiatives, and concomitantly the field-site, extend beyond the confines of national territories ?

4. To what extent are ‘diaspora strategies’ an effective and/or sustainable policy formulation for furthering development and/or nation-building goals ?

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