Transnational Labour Migration, Remittances and Changing Family Structures and Relations in Asia (27-28 juillet 2010)

Conférence organisée à Singapour par Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore et the Asian MetaCentre’s CHAMPSEA project team

Appel à communication jusqu’au 26 février 2010

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"It is the aim of this conference to explore how economic outcomes of transnational labour migration impact on family relations and structures in both empirical and theoretical terms. The discussion at the conference is expected to be around but not necessarily restricted to the following questions :

  • How do gender, marital and inter-generational relations mediate the family decision making about remittances ?
  • How do economic costs and benefits of transnational labour migration affect family structure and (gender, marital and inter-generational) relations ?
  • How do remittances in migrant-sending families, particularly in gender-differentiated labour migration uphold, reconstitute or transform gender norms and ideologies in labour-sending societies ?"