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Understanding Global Refugee Policy (6-7 décembre 2012)

mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Conference organisée à Oxford (UK) pour le 30e anniversaire du Refugee Studies Centre, university of Oxford

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"The RSC’s 30th Anniversary Conference aims to examine and theorise the policy-making processes relating to refugees and forced migration at the global level. Critical reflection upon the processes through which global public policy on refugees, internally displaced persons, statelessness, human trafficking, and other areas of forced migration is made, is intended to offer new and valuable insights for scholars, policy makers and practitioners.

This conference therefore provides a forum for a critical discussion on ‘Understanding Global Refugee Policy’ by bringing together academics, policy makers, practitioners, advocates and displaced people to engage in a debate on how we might begin to make sense of and conceptualise the global refugee policy process. It seeks to explore the nature, content and implications of ‘global refugee policy’ with questions such as : What is ‘global refugee policy’ ? How can we theorise global refugee policy ? What factors explain variation both in the motivations for policies, and in outcomes ? To what extent do the diverse interests and priorities of key stakeholders shape global refugee policy, and to what effect ?"

Voir en ligne : http://www.popdevactu.fr/article.ph...

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