European Doctoral School of Demography

Localisation de l’EDSD : Institute of Statistics and Demography, Warsaw School of Economics (Pologne).

Date limite de candidature : 15 avril 2013

Extrait de la présentation en ligne :

"The European Doctoral School of Demography (EDSD) was founded in 2005 on the initiative of the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS). It currently receives the support of 7 universities (Amsterdam, Groningen, Lund, Roma, Rostock, Tallinn, Warsaw) and 5 research institutions (CED, INED, MPIDR, NIDI, VID).

The EDSD is open to students of all nationalities with a master’s degree. Students will acquire a solid knowledge base on causes and consequences of demographic change, population data, statistical and mathematical demography, as well as modeling, simulation and forecasting. Teaching is provided by leading international experts in the fields of study covered. Since the School places great importance on both teaching demographic methods and preparing the student for a career in demography, each course will expose the students to a number of guest lecturers discussing their topics of expertise. By the end of the year, EDSD participants will have developed an extensive network of contacts with established researchers from throughout Europe.

The EDSD admits a new cohort of about 18 students every year. The EDSD does not charge fees, and makes available a number of scholarships to enable students to attend the School’s course program. The language of the school is English."

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