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Analyse sociologique de la construction des marchés des alicaments en Inde et au Kenya


Thèse de sociologie préparée par Alam UPTAL sous la direction de Mathieu QUET à l’Université de Paris.

PhD Abstract

Across different income groups, my study will be able to show how new and emerging markets are being created in the global South. Science, Market and capital are entangled in myriad ways to produce the perfect storm for creating consumers out of the global south. The study will be unique in the sense that it explains the ways in which these emerging markets are attempting to solve the problem of undernutrition and overnutrition, both existing in the global south, through market instruments. Using the proxy of nutraceuticals, this study will show how circulations of capital and knowledge create markets.

Savoirs, Alicaments, Circulation, Global South

Geographical Area
South East Asia(India), Sub Saharan Africa (Kenya)


  • Starting date : 01-10-2019