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Why does Europe go to war ? Insights from deconstructing the political discourse of European military presence in the Sahel


Thèse de Sociologie préparée par FERRINI Luca sous la direction de PÉROUSE DE MONTCLOS Marc-Antoine à l’Université Paris Cité

Ecole doctorale : ED 624
Axe de recherche : Axe 2 - Migration, Pouvoir, Développement

Résumé du projet de thèse

Europe has been militarily active since 2013 in the western Sahel, where it currently has four EU missions and troops from fourteen EU Member States – arguably its largest presence worldwide. While the political discourse focuses on stabilization and fighting jihadist terrorism, there is little proof that either is being achieved, nor that the non-state groups being fought have ties to global terrorist networks potentially threatening Europe. How then did such a broad consensus around an increasing military presence in the Sahel come about ?

I suggest looking at intra-EU relations to trace the development of this political discourse. In the framework of the EU’s CFSP and comprehensive approach towards crisis management, the Sahel provides a particular case to study internal determinants of EU foreign policy in its southern neighbourhood.


Sahel, EU Common Security and Defence Policy, political discourse, military intervention, internal determinants of EU foreign policy.

Zone géographique

Niger, Sahel, Europe


  • Début de la thèse : Octobre 2022
  • Date prévue de soutenance : Juillet 2025

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