Projets achevés

Pauvreté, accès aux ressources et mobilité spatiale en Afrique de l’Est

Responsables scientifiques


  • CPAS, Université de Makerere (Ouganda)
  • Gideon Rutaremwa, CPAS, Université de Makerere
  • Stephen Ojiambo Wandera, CPAS, Université de Makerere
  • John Atwebembeire Mushomi, CPAS, Université de Makerere
  • Faith Atuhumuze, CPAS, Université de Makere
  • Autres (Ouganda)
  • Fredrick Kisekka Ntale, DRASPAC
  • George Bogere, ACODE - Uganda
  • Kenyatta University, Kenya
  • Peter Wafula Wekesa, Kenyatta University
  • Susan Mwangi, Kenyatta University
  • Gordon Onyango, Kenyatta



The aim of our research programme is to explore global, national and local strategies to control resources and their impact on livelihoods in East Africa. Growing inequalities tend to mark local communities in this time of globalization, where some access the international scene and others are left behind, with little ways of defending their rights. In this perspective, livelihoods in any specific region should be studied in a global way, including community networks out of that region. A multidisciplinary approach is thus necessary to the understanding of local dynamics in a historical and contextualised perspective.

For different reasons, the issue of access to resources is central in understanding inequalities which are deepening and contributing to poverty in the region. Difficulties in accessing proper or sufficient resources (land, water and natural resources…) but also new opportunities relating to resettlement policies or to the discovery of new resources (e.g. gas, oil) are of particular interest to us within the framework of this study.

The case-study of Bunyoro was selected due to the fast changes the area is undergoing, no recent assessment of the situation exists. During the last few decades, Bunyoro was marginalized both politically and economically and prone to out-migration. But recently, different communities from other parts of Uganda and neighbouring countries have been resettled in the area, and the discovery of oil in Lake Albert is leading to international investments and the expansion of a land market and employment opportunities in the region.


Poverty, inequalities, land, resources, migration, family, research methods, collective fieldwork.

Zone géographique

Bunyoro, Uganda.


juin 2011 - juin 2015


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